Desolation and the world

Bombing on Syria. Again.

syria 2.jpg

“Smoke of death”

This issue has diverted the people into 2 groups, each of separate thinking, which they respectively believe is the better.

One believes in the fact that such bombings are ruining the peace and harmony of the world. According to them, the innocent too have to shed their tears on their relatives grave, because of this. This, might be useful and efficacious to reach the worlds aim of demolishing the terrorist residing there, but they feel that unimpeachable get eliminated from this world.

syria 3


Then there are others, having the irreconcilable thinking. They are the ones who suspect the whole of Syria, as an ally of the terrorism. So their total focus is on bombing that country ; in spite of shedding blood of a few innocent, in order to prevent the loss of many others.

David Cameron recently said that, “we air raid on Syria, the ‘heartland’ of ISIS, because they have already tried to attack us”.

syria 1


So now I’m in this dilemma ; which side to support. Both have pros and cons, differing from each other. I cannot state which side would be more effective.

But the time will.



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