The environment, now a mortification for humans?

Years pass by. We humans have evolved on Earth, with a conception of a better world for us. But unfortunately, we people are antithetical in our exertion.

earth moon1.jpg

You all might be reading, every now and then, doleful news on the gravitating topic of environmental degradation and global warming. At first, this bothered me a little. But seeing the current problems we face (regarding temperature), I believe it’s a very serious issue ; should be taken under cogitation.

Let us first look at the environmental degradation.


Time and again we read, that in order to sustain life force on the Earth, a balance in the ecosystem should be maintained. This includes following the aspects of afforestation, waste management techniques and efficiently using the natural resources obtainable. But we people aren’t patronaging these.


Industrialization, advancement in technology and many more such eras and events kept on changing the world, but we are forgetting our responsibility of taking care of the mother Earth. Every year, the inhabitants of various habitats gets supersede of their homes, which eventually leads to their death. The pollution is too, a slow killer. Reports have shown that the air pollution level is steadily rising ; which engender to the sundries sicknesses.



This is then further leading to the most treacherous happening – Global Warming.

This has ceaselessly been scrutinized upon by the scientists and the debaters and many other. You might have noticed that temperature nowadays is amazingly uneven- it rains when it doesn’t have to, etc. The mercury is constantly high all the year, which is very deleterious for us and the other living organisms.

ozone 1.png

What all can we do? This is the question that awakes in your mind when you read this. Well, Global Warming is basically caused due to ozone depletion. The very best we can do to counter this, is by planting trees.

global warming 2.jpg

We people should take care of the Earth, because if we wouldn’t,

Then who will?



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