Will A.I revamp the world, or not?

Evolution is the truth that happens with all. We have evolved from one of the homuncular organisms, to one of the most ingenious living creatures, ever to be born on Earth. But since we all are consistently burgeoning in the field of computer sciences, the future of the Earth in the subsequent years is one of the most difficult conundrums to answer.

A.i 1.jpg

We people decided to excel in the field of technology, in order to make our lives more comfortable. There are restaurants where you are provided with your food on the table, by robots. Also, Japan has developed various humanoids, which help to interact with mentally sick. The ‘mechanical hand’ now has a strong grip in the field of medicine and now is adamantine there.


Robot waiters in a hotel in Japan

Whenever I go to my grandparent’s, I always hear them chatting about their ‘good old golden days’ and stuff. Listening them very earnestly, I discerned the fact that how life was without the contemporaneous technology.

The advancement in technology has proven to be both serviceable as well as diabolical.


By looking at the aforesaid the advantages of A.I in the above paragraphs, people might say that A.I could prove to be a boon for humans. Getting our work(s) done easily and time efficiently, would be very advantageous for our future on Earth. The world would then be technological, A.I enduring in each and every household and the hence probably the world.


Will this be credible?

‘But the A.I could infect the tranquil life in Earth’, as said by many others. They say that by giving so much prominence to the A.I, they would then eventually preponderate Earth. You might have heard, that the world’s best chess ‘human’ player, have been defeated by Google’s A.I. By seeing the current situation, which is very predicament, as everyone has their faces down, not because they are being benevolent or are soliciting God, but rather are staring at the screens of their electronic devices. Hence this is a very parlous situation ; should be taken care of.

ai 2

Nobody knows about the future. These two groups of people are debating on this, eternally. Nothing yet has been ceased out of this. Will A.I be good for the human race? Or would they rather instigate a war, like you might have seen in movies. Will we’ll be able to from a quietude and a ameliorate world?

You decide.




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